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AB Mauri Map
AB Mauri Map
AB Mauri is a business devoted to the baking industry, operating globally in both yeast and bakery ingredient production.

With over 7,000 employees working across 52 plants, a presence in 32 countries and sales in over 90 countries, we are truly global in yeast and bakery ingredients, supporting and enabling the Worlds bakers, both small and large, across craft/artisan and industrial.

Our individual country businesses are dedicated to their local markets, both in terms of opportunity and demand and are backed with global expertise in bakery products, technologies and know-how.

This unique combination of local knowledge and global expertise ensures our customers benefit from a real awareness of local needs supported by a rapid response from industry experts.

Our heritage spans 150 years. AB Mauri was formed in 2004 from the acquired yeast and bakery ingredients companies of Burns Philp plus ABF’s Cereform bakery ingredient companies. Burns Philp yeast and bakery ingredients companies were established over 100 years ago and AB Mauri North America dates back to the introduction of Fleischmann’s Yeast in the U.S. in 1868.

The business operates within two of the major global bakery segments:

In Yeast, AB Mauri has a long history of global expertise and technology capabilities for the bakery industry.

In Bakery Ingredients, AB Mauri is a global technology leader, achieved through a clear focus on customer outcomes. These outcomes encompass product characterisation and functional performance, as well as taste and freshness dimensions in a broad range of baked products for the World’s bakers, both large and small.

Our brands in yeast and bakery ingredients include Fleischmann, Mauripan, Pinnacle, Virgen, Mauri, Prime, Tower and Cinta Roja.

The AB Mauri yeast business also extends beyond bakery into technologies for bioethanol, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical & animal nutrition.

AB Mauri is a devolved business of Associated British Foods plc (‘ABF’), based in London, England.  ABF are a diversified group of businesses with global sales of £15,4 billion, operations in 50 countries, over 133,000 employees and grouped into 5 key business segments – Ingredients, Sugar, Agriculture, Grocery (consumer) and Retail (fashion).


Mauri MayaMauri Maya is a joint of AB Mauri, which is the international yeast and bakery raw products division of Associated British Foods (ABF) corporate group. Mauri Maya was founded by Burns Philp Group from Australia in 1988 in Bandırma, Aksakal. All shares of the company were purchased by Burns Philp in 1989.

In 2004, Australian Burn Philp Group decided to sell all yeast and spice businesses in the world to Associated British Foods (ABF) Group, which is among the biggest food companies in the world. Henceforth, the company is known as Mauri Maya Inc.

Mauri Maya’s all retail activities of yeast are practiced through distributors with the exception of large-scale industrial producers. Mauri Maya is operational in all regions of Turkey with the brand names “MAURI MAYA”, “MARMARA MAYA” and “EVMAYA” in the industrial yeast market and “EVMAYA” in the home-type yeast market.

Furthermore, Mauri Maya exports its products to several neighbouring countries. With its world-class quality yeasts, Mauri Maya focuses on customer satisfaction in the bakery sector. Mauri Maya owns the following certificates from TSE (Turkish Institute of Standards): ISO 9000 Quality Management Certificate, ISO 22000 Food Security Management System, Halal Certificate, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System, ISO 18001 Occupational Health Security Management System, FSSC 22000 Food Security Systems. The production takes places according to these systems.

Mauri Maya believes that the environment is the most fragile and valuable resource. Therefore, the company own high-tech treatment facilities.

Mauri Maya closely follows new technologies in the bakery sector and it will be in the service of Turkish bakers with its alternative products.

AB Mauri produces yeast and bakery ingredients for the bakery and cooking industries and operates on the worldwide basis.

  • Number of Employees : 7.000
  • Number of Countries Where We Have a Physical Presence : 32
  • Number of Production Facilities : 52
  • Number of National Markets : 90

AB Mauri has been able to develop high technological standards due to its expertise in different markets. AB Mauri supports its companies operating in various countries in terms of technology and know-how. It offers effective solutions to large-scale global corporations operating in several sectors including bread making, bakery products, beverage sector, and production of fodders, medicine and bioethanol.

With one thousand and four hundred different cultivations, AB Mauri’s Research and Development Centre in Sydney/Australia has sufficient knowledge and technology to provide specific yeast products for the needs of leading industrial producers and individual customers in different markets.

AB Mauri’s global legacy is one hundred fifty years old. It became an international corporation after the merge of Burns Philp and ABF Cereform and their portfolios of yeast, bakery improvers and bakery products in 2004. Burns Philp was established one hundred years ago as a yeast and bakery improver company. AB Mauri’s history dates to 1868, when Fleischmann began producing dough yeast in North America.

AB Mauri’s activities in the global bakery market is conglomerated under two basic segments:

(A) Yeast
In yeast, we should distinguish between our bakery business and our speciality business. The speciality business covers bioethanol and alcoholic beverages (wine, distilled spirits, beer and cider)

Global expertise and technological skills of AB Mauri have a long history in the bakery sector.

  • Fresh Dough Yeasts
  • Dry Dough Yeasts

(B) Bread and Bread Improvers;
With regard to its focus on customer expectations and consequently acquired results, AB Mauri has technologically become a leading company. AB Mauri has wide range of products for both large and scale bakery enterprises in the world. It provides solutions in terms of taste, freshness in addition to its functional performance.

  • Cake mix
  • Bread improvers
  • Aromas
  • Special flour mix
  • Bread mix
  • Enzymes
AB Mauri is a representative of the London-based group company “Associated British Foods plc.” (ABF), which has five basic business areas such as Yeast and Bread Improvers, Sugar, Agriculture, Market (Consumer) Products and Retail Sale. AB Mauri is operating in the field of Yeast and Bread Improvers.

ABF has 133.000 employees in 50 countries. It is a leading international group company operating on five basic fields of activity.