Bread and Bakery Ingredients


“Value to Bread”

We stand by our bakers as always with our high quality mixes to add value to bread. You, all can create wonderful tastes using our new products that are developed with extreme care through positive vision, according to the trends of consumers’ demands and the results of market research.


Bol Tahıllı Ekmek Miksi

Multigrain Bread Mix

A 100% mixture for Multigrain Bread.

Çavdarlı Ekmek Karışımı

Rye Bread Mix

A 100% mixture for Rye Bread.

Tam Buğday Ekmek Karışımı

Whole Wheat Bread Mix

A 100% mixture for Whole Wheat Bread.

Alman Çavdar Ekmeği Miksi - Mauri Maya

German Rye Bread Mix

Genuine rye bread with special taste and smell, enriched with dry rye sourdough and high rye ratio.

Safranbolu Ekmeği Miksi - Mauri Maya

Safranbolu Bread Mix

Local bread high in vitamins and minerals, made with whole ground red wheat of Western Black Sea Region and sourdough.

Tarhanalı Beypazarı Ekmeği Miksi - Mauri Maya

Beypazarı Tarhana Bread Mix

Bread that is rich in nutrients and contains the delicious tarhana flour of Beypazarı Region. It is the delectable crown of the tables, with its exclusive taste, smell and color.

Sarıbuğday Ekşili Ekmek Miksi - Mauri Maya

Yellow Wheat Sourdough Bread Mix

Marvelous breads for the tables, from the pasta wheat of the fertile and generous lands of Southeastern Anatolia with unique taste and smell. A flavor you will not get enough of.

Trabzon Ekmeği Miksi - Mauri Maya

Trabzon Bread Mix

The famous taste and aroma of the Black Sea Region meets with you.

Mor Ekmek Miksi - Mauri Maya

Purple Bread Mix

A healthy bread, useful in the fight against Covid pandemic, prepared using the extracts and powders of purple vegetables and fruits and containing special nutrients such as anthocyanins and flavonoids.

Siyez Ekmeği Miksi - Mauri Maya

Einkorn Bread Mix

A heritage of Anatolia for thousands of years, einkorn wheat is now on your tables.  With its high fiber and low gluten amounts and vital minerals, sourdough and its unique taste, it is the delicious and healthy bread of your desire.

Mauri Köy Ekmeği Miksi

Country Bread Mix

A 100% mixture for Country Bread.

Mauri Anadolu Çavdar Ekmeği için Özel Amaçlı Un

Special-Purpose Flour for Rye Bread

Flour mixture specifically developed for rye breads.

Mauri Anadolu Ciabatta Dark (20 x 500 g)

Ciabatta Dark

Everything you need for baking all kinds of brown and dark colored breads. Being a premix containing sourdough, this mixture will exhilarate your oven and kitchen with unique smells thanks to its peanut taste and other various, brilliant tastes.

Mauri Anadolu Ciabatta Mild (20 x 500 g)

Ciabatta Mild

A premix with authentic and rustic appearance and taste, used to bake wonders from European cuisine such as the Italian ciabatta and the French baguette, and all types of cream or white colored breads. It is the best helper in your kitchen.


“For Professional Tastes”

During the process of making bread, Mauri Anadolu Bread Improvers can help you to keep the variables under control, such as flour, heat, moisture, and workmanship.
Mauri Anadolu Bread Improvers can also help you to reach the desirable and standard results for baking.



Better Visible Form


Reduces the Costs


Better Texture


Better Taste


Longer Shelf Life


Sustainable Quality

Mauri Pro 5000 Ekmek Geliştirici

Mauri Anadolu PRO 5000

An enzyme-based flour processing agent compatible with all flour types. It does not contain any “E Number” additives, thus it can be used in all breads and bread variants.

Mauri Pro 7000 Ekmek Geliştirici

Mauri Anadolu PRO 7000

A flour processing agent for baking packaged breads of various types. Provides cost advantage thanks to its low usage ratio.


Ekmek Süsleme Ürünü - Mauri Maya

Bread Decoration Product

A specially prepared mixture for decorating breads and all types of bakery products.

Ayçekirdek İçi - Mauri Maya

Sunflower Seed

Specially picked sunflower seeds for decorating breads and all types of bakery products.


Tam Buğday Unu - Mauri Maya

Whole Wheat Flour

Whole ground wheat flour made 100% from esperia variety bread wheat.

Çavdar Unu - Mauri Maya

Rye Flour

Made from whole ground rye grain that is delicately picked from Central Anatolia Region.

Mısır Unu - Mauri Maya

Corn Flour

Yellow country flour made 100% from domestic corn with high suitability for bread.

Sarı Buğday Unu - Mauri Maya

Yellow Wheat Flour

Durum wheat flour with high suitability for bread, delicately produced from the high quality pasta wheat of Southeastern Anatolia Region.


Mauri Kalsiyum Propiyonat

Calcium Propionate

Calcium Propionate (E 282) is widely used in bakery products as a mold preventive and preservative substance. It is also used as a preservative in chocolate products, processed cheeses and fruits.

Mauri Deaktif Maya

Glutazyme D - Deactivated Yeast

Our deactivated yeast, Glutazyme D, improves flexibility in doughs that are prepared especially with high quality flours that have strong gluten structures. The dough develops quicker, and can be shaped and spread easier with Glutazyme D.


Mauri Anadolu Çavdar Ekşisi - Sıvı

Rye Sourdough - Liquid

Inactivated liquid rye sourdough with special fermented taste and smell.

Mauri Anadolu Çavdar Ekşisi - Toz

Rye Sourdough - Powder

Powder form of the liquid product.

Mauri Anadolu Buğday Ekşisi - Sıvı

Wheat Sourdough - Liquid

A inactivated whole wheat liquid sourdough with special taste and smell, fermented from whole wheat flour.

Mauri Anadolu Buğday Ekşisi - Toz

Wheat Sourdough - Powder

Dry form of the liquid product.

Mauri Anadolu Dark Malt Unu

Dark Malt Flour

Dark colored flour made from barley malt and roasted properly with the right technique.

Mauri Anadolu Fermente Malt Unu - Rogenna

Fermented Malt Flour - Rogenna

Dark colored malt flour made from fermented barley malt and enriched with an exclusive taste, smell and aroma.