Ciabatta Dark (20 x 500 g)

10 KG Box / 4-5% Usage

Everything you need for baking all kinds of brown and dark colored breads. Being a premix containing sourdough, this mixture will exhilarate your oven and kitchen with unique smells thanks to its peanut taste and other various, brilliant tastes.

Wheat flour, leavened chickpea flour, rye sourdough flour, pregelatinized chickpea flour, dry yeast, enzymes (fungal alpha amylase, lipase, hemicellulase) – (Contains gluten.)

Usage Information

Use of 1 pack of MAURI ANADOLU CIABATTA DARK (MAURI ANADOLU CIABATTA DARK) for every 10 KG of flour is recommended depending on the flour quality.

(The packaging in the image may differ depending on the stock status.)