Trabzon Bread Mix

100% Mixture  / 20 KG Kraft Bag

The famous taste and aroma of the Black Sea Region meets with you.

Wheat flour, hard wheat flour, wheat sourdough flour, salt, enzymes (fungal alpha amylase, lipase, hemicellulase) –  (Contains gluten.)

Usage Information

Mauri Anadolu Trabzon Bread Mix
(Mauri Anadolu Trabzon Ekmeği Miksi):
20 KG
Mauri Yeast
(Mauri Maya):
0,6 KG
Water: 13,5 Lt
Yoğurma Süresi

Kneading Duration

Slowly for 3 min. + quickly for 6 min. at the Spiral Mixer

Hamur Sıcaklığı

Dough Temperature

22 – 24 °C

Pişirme Süresi

Baking Duration

25 – 30 min. at 220 °C with steam.