Environmental Consciousness

Environmental Consciousness

All wastewaters from yeast production are refined in mechanical filtration, denitrification, anaerobical and aerobical refining complex respectively.

During refining, organic materials in our waste are turned into biogas. This biogas is used in steam boilers and electricity generation; so natural resources are saved.

Bioflocs in refined water are precipitated in sediment pool and then discharged to receiving body.

Mauri Maya operates in line with the principle “Protection of the Nature and Environment is not a Luxury but a Vital Obligation”. We promise that we will:


  • Constantly improve our environmental performance
  • Obey regulations of environmental legislation in effect
  • Prevent from all types of pollution
  • Optimum use of natural resources
  • Recycling of our wastes as much as possible without any damage to the environment
  • Decrease the amount of waste
  • Make an Environmental Accident Management Plan
  • Choose more eco friendly technologies in new investments and adaptations of new technologies
Mauri Maya - Çevre Yönetimi

In this point, we aim to raise awareness among our all employees, suppliers, customers and people.  We will always communicate with the relevant parties and protect the environment. We will do our best in order to leave a liveable environment to future generations. We, employees of Mauri Yeast, will never forget this principle, which is our MAIN PHILOSOPHY: