Mauri Sıvı Maya

Can be stored up to 14 days in frigorific, large and stainless steel tanks with +4 C. In addition, it can be delivered to BRC packages and “bag in pack” packages for short term and daily uses. Particularly preferred in large facilities with high production volume and automated dosing system, where dough is kneaded and conserved as a whole. 1,5 litres liquid yeast is equivalent of 1 kg fresh yeast. It homogenously mixes with dough, improves the structure and penetrability of dough. Liquid yeast provides savings from labour and package. Package wastes are eco-friendly.

PRODUCT NAMELiquid (Cream) Yeast
COMPONENTSYeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), water
ColourFrom Pale Cream to Cream
StructureLiquid, fluid
Dry Material %Min. 18,0-22,0
Fermentation powerMin. 700 ml CO2 / 2 hours (Activgraph)
Putrefactives< 104 kob / g
Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)< 105 kob / g
Total coliform< 104 kob / g
E.coli< 3 pieces / g
Rope spore< 210 pieces / g
Total aerobic bacteria (other than yeast)< 107 kob / g
PROCESS INFORMATION(Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Reproduction and packing of yeast cell with fermentation and appropriate technics.
PACKINGFor 500 g, Sulphite paper or pearlized +BOPP external package, kraft packet external packing
CONDITIONS FOR TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGEStored between 0 - 4 C° , without freezing. Transported with appropriate tanks.
SHELF LIFE14 days between 0 - 4 C°
OBJECTIVE USEConvenient for industrial bakeries, factories, pastry shops etc., which have automated dosing systems. Cannot be consumed raw.
PREPERATION2-5% water is added to flour, depending on the intended product to prepare.
ALLERGEN INFORMATIONDoes not contain allergen substance.
RELEVANT STANDARD, LAW, ETCTS 3522 / April 2015 Turkish Food Codex Microbiological Criteria Bylaw 29.12.2011, TGK Contaminants Bylaw 29.12.2011