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AB Mauri Food Security & Quality Policy

Food security is an obligation. This policy refers to AB Mauri’s approach to the issue of Food Security & Quality and how this approach is applied to all of our activities. These guiding principles, which help to improve our staff, actions and products at maximum level, are reflected on all Food Security & Quality management systems.

All AB Mauri enterprises are compatible with customer needs and regulations in effect. AB Mauri is devoted to provide goods and services to satisfy customer expectations constantly; we aim to develop profitable and sustainable partnerships.

All requirements for Food Security & Quality are delivered to every department of AB Mauri and clarified.

Employees, suppliers and visitors are responsible for the following rules:

  • To obey all concerning Food Security & Quality policies and codes of practice.
  • To report errors, malfunctions and concerns as soon as possible
  • To understand personal roles and responsibilities to realize activities effectively.

The following terms are included in primary Food Security & Quality requirements:

  1. As a circulation criterion, all products and materials requiring food security test are hold in stocks until satisfactory test results are acquired.
  2. All AB Mauri Food Security & Quality systems (planning of the place of production concerning accreditation), one of the recognized standards of Global Food Security Initiative (GFSI) such as FSSC 22000, SQF, BRC and IFS should fulfil the requirements. Accordingly, the following criteria are necessary:
    1. Full concordance with Food Production Practice
    2. Each production place has an effective HACCP plan toward each action. HACCP plan is based on 7 CODEX HACCP principles. It is revised annually in terms of its effectiveness and updated in case of need.
    3. All products and contents are fully tracked. Effective allergy management takes places through identification of allergic materials, risk appraisal, process of separation and labelling (Due to management of allergic materials and unpleasant looking materials, sensitive customers, our company’s and customers’ brand are protected).
    4. All suppliers are constantly controlled to be sure that all raw materials/packing materials meet legal criteria and purpose.
    5. Controls by third parties confirm that primary security food requirements are met.
  3. Regional, field, country and enterprise executives are responsible to ensure that their own Food Security & Quality Management systems are officially revised at least once a year and to track them as an evidence to our company rules concerning constant development.

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