The Baking Centre

AB Mauri is one of the leading global companies in yeast production. We aim to enhance quality standards in all locations that we are operating in the baking sector. AB Mauri now opens the doors of The Baking Centre in Turkey.



The Baking Centre, which was founded in Bandırma under the umbrella of AB Mauri’s company in Turkey Mauri Maya Sanayi A.Ş., now provides consultancy services to several countries in the context of Turkey, Middle East and Central Asian region, where millions of people and more than 100 thousand bakers live.

A Fully Equipped Application Centre

Mauri Maya Baking Centre in Bandırma is not only a business associate for guidance in terms of all technical necessities and business development, it is also a platform where its experts share their knowledge and experiences, make presentations and offer training about products, discuss and develop new products, techniques, ideas and projects.

Mauri Maya Baking Centre provides technical services to all bakers. In addition, with its training programs, the centre provides opportunities to sector employees, enables them to meet new products and different applications and allow them to improve their skills. The centre is equipped with an infrastructure to execute the production process of several different products, from Turkish loaf bread to pita bread. The Baking Centre, with its continuous research and development activities, provides not only yeast oriented solutions but also develops alternative solutions for bakers, from flavorants, mixes and standard bread improvers to several specific goals and necessities.

The Baking Centre suggests solution partnerships in terms of new projects and investments, production oriented problems, needs for new agendas and knowledge concerning raw material quality.

Our experts share their knowledge and experiences, develop suggestions, which will improve businesses of their business associates. They closely follow development concerning the bakery sector worldwide and aim to serve the development of the baking sector in Turkey.

Our Activities and Services :

  1. Demonstration Activities
  2. Technical Support
  3. Research and Development Activities
  4. Training